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Who Is Talan?

Expert in Agile Transformation

Created 16 years ago, Talan has generated 185 M€ annual revenue in 2017 with almost 2000 consultants around the world.

Major French player in the Business and IT Consultancy world, Talan is based in Paris and has offices in London, Geneva, Madrid, Luxembourg, New York, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, Tunis, Rabat et Singapour.

Winning the Artificial Intelligence Battle

7 November 2017|

  • happy new year Talan 2018

Talan wishes you a fantastic 2018 !

29 January 2018|

We were at the world’s largest Ethereum Hackathon !

5 December 2017|

Talan reveals its Big Data Lab at Viva Technology

14 June 2017|

Talan to host Big Data Lab at Viva Technology 2017

11 May 2017|

Toronto News

6 February 2017|