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Taking success to another level with Talan in Spain and Poland

We pulled up a chair to chat with Pablo Alifano Puerta about success the Spanish market, building a winning team culture and his impressive business network. The CEO of Talan Spain, Mexico and Poland knows exactly what it takes to build a brand locally and the importance of taking your clients and people with you.

  • Let’s start with a brief introduction and your role within Talan?  

I serves as the General Manager for Talan Spain, overseeing offices in Madrid, Málaga, and recently expanded operations into Poland. Under my leadership, the Malaga office has cultivated a rich and diverse environment, hosting employees from over 28 nationalities. I places a strong emphasis on culture, creating a workplace where our team takes pride in being part of Talan and fosters a genuine sense of camaraderie. 

The Spanish division of Talan prides itself on a diverse clientele with longstanding relationships, particularly in the finance and energy sectors. This branch offers a comprehensive suite of services that spans digital solutions, custom development, data and artificial intelligence, applications (including SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, IBM, Maximo, Lynx), and cloud services (AWS, Azure, Oracle) integration. Additionally, it provides expert consultancy in areas such as cybersecurity, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, supply chain management, project management, and business agility.

Our strategic expansion into the Polish market in July 2023 has seen rapid growth, with over 60 developers in just six months, further testament to the company's expanding footprint and success under our guidance.


  • How does Talan Spain differentiate itself from other consulting firms? 

As the Chairman of Talan often remarks, "We are big enough to deliver, yet small enough to care." This phrase succinctly encapsulates our strengths. In the landscape of large consultancy firms, we may appear smaller, yet among many others, we stand out significantly. This unique position affords us the benefits of both worlds, enabling us to execute large-scale implementations akin to those of bigger firms while maintaining the agility and speed of a smaller entity. This balance allows us to foster closer relationships with both our clients and our team members, ensuring a personalised and efficient service delivery. 

"We are big enough to deliver, yet small enough to care."


Another distinct feature that sets Talan apart from other firms is our entrepreneurial spirit, constantly pushing us to exceed boundaries and go above and beyond. A prime illustration of this strength is our initiative to support one of our key clients by establishing offices in Poland within an unprecedented timeframe of just three months.

Within the first six months, we expanded our team to 60 developers and achieved the distinction of certifying our Talan office there as a Great Place to Work - all within that short period. 


Málaga TechPark holds real prominence as a premier innovation hub in Southern Europe. 

The choice of Málaga for the hub is also no coincidence; it offers an unparalleled rich quality of living, entrepreneurial spirit, connectivity, and a strategically advantageous location to build businesses like ours in Southern Europe.

This vibrant city boasts a dynamic international community, making it an ideal spot for talent acquisition and offering company leaders a fertile ground to align market trends with the city's long-term strategic vision and regional development. 

Moreover, the influence of Málaga TechPark extends well beyond its geographical boundaries, encompassing a vast network of technology and innovation companies throughout the Andalucía region. 


  • Why did you become a member of Execs Málaga TechPark?

Málaga Tech Park is recognized as a bustling center for over 650 companies, creating a lively and dynamic environment for more than 25,000 individuals. The Exec Club within Málaga Tech Park distinguishes itself by uniting prominent companies that have an extensive international reach, covering more than 170 countries across five continents.

Talan is honored to be part of this esteemed Execs Club, a collective of CEOs and managing directors committed to advancing the leadership of Málaga Tech Park and enhancing the connections and collaborative efforts among the park's executives.  


  • How does Málaga Tech Park foster collaboration and networking? 

The Execs Club of the Málaga TechPark launched four principal working groups: Talent Attraction, Ecosystem Reinforcement, Sustainability, and Visibility and Communication, operating in synergy with the University of Malaga. Our choice to set up an office at Málaga Tech Park was deeply influenced by the Execs Club's unique spirit of collaboration, where members unite towards common objectives, transcending competition despite sharing clients and markets, to foster a genuine sense of synergy and camaraderie.  


This year marks a significant milestone for me as I assume the role of Head of Visibility and Communications within the Execs Club at Malaga Tech Park, a position that underscores our commitment to furthering the park's prominence and collaborative ethos. 


  • What industries or sectors does Málaga Tech Park cater to? 

Numerous industries, including aerospace, cybersecurity, transportation, healthcare, energy, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, data analytics, and Industry 4.0, among others, are represented. Leading corporations such as Aertec, Premo, Dekra, Accenture, TDK, Google, NTT Data, Oracle, PwC, and Telefonica, to name a few, have a presence. You can find more information about Málaga Tech Park here : 


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