Talan New York Celebrates 6 Years of Growth

It’s been 6 years! Talan New York was relaunched just 6 years ago and continues to grow and develop with consultants working on full-time projects at 11 diverse clients and now 6  full-time administrative staff in the head office.  Because we fully anticipate continuing our expansion in the coming year, we moved our head office to a new and larger facility. On January 12th, we celebrated the success of our adventure in the US with a casual “Office Warming Party”!

Several current and former Talan’s came to see our new hip office space conveniently located right by Union Square in the heart of Manhattan. Everyone commented not only on our new home but also on the diversity of clients and projects that we have won in New York. Our financial clients now extend not only to large French banks but also several hedge funds (high-frequency trading, cryptocurrencies, etc.) and other large US and European banks, with 5 new clients in 2017.

Come join our adventure and see for yourself what makes Talan New York so special!