« We have to think about our commercial policy globally » – Interview of Mikael Thepaut

What is the global vision of Talan?

Since its founding, being international has been in Talan’s DNA. This is an asset which now enables us to better understand the culture of a country and anticipate changes in the markets in which the Talan Group evolves. We see the growth of these countries as a great chance to support our customers. I’m especially thinking of the financial sector with Société Générale and BNP, the present prestigious customers in London, Geneva, New York, Montreal, Luxembourg, Singapore and Hong Kong.

This is also an excellent way to offer to our employees the attractive carreers, the evolution of our managers and our consultants will be worldwide.

What is the global strategy of Talan?

The most important two markets are Europe and North America. But we don’t lose the perspective that the emerging markets, such as Asia and Africa, will become strong markets for the IT sector in coming years. These continents establish new technologies more easily because they don’t have our obstacles for change (regulations, infrastructures to be renewed, etc.). Thus, our historical presence in Tunis, recently in Morocco as well as in our offices in Singapore and Hong Kong are crucial for keeping a technological advance which will tomorrow enable us to have a competitive advantage in order to support our customers in their strategic projects.

We want our global sales to achieve 30% of Talan’s total turnover within 3 years and more than 40% in long term. In order to achieve this, we made several important decisions, such as creating an international management and implementing it in London in 2018. Comex has entrusted me with managing this, and I will move to the English capital this summer.

The team will be composed of 300 current employees of the offices in London, Montreal, New York, Geneva, Luxembourg, Madrid and Singapore.

In spite of Brexit, London remains a strong and attractive stock market for the companies like Talan which want to reinforce their global presence in the financial sector. Our ambition is being a market leader on all our offers in the financial market.

How will you achieve such goals?

Opening offices abroad is done mainly by supporting our customers on the projects in their international subsidiaries.

Now we want to grow our current subsidiaries and then consolidate our position in the countries in which we are already present before opening other new offices.

Our growth will happen, at first, organically, encouraging the intrapreneurship within the group and the mobility. We will also leverage the operations of external growth by the acquisition of local companies. Recruiting local managers, we will be able to understand more about the culture of the country, which is essential for expanding our activity.

What is the impact on the group offers?

Our customers are international. So, we have to think about our global commercial policy. Our teams have to be able to work on the projects in cross-functional teams. For example, we won a project for AXA last August, on which our team, composed of consultants in Paris, London and Tunis, was brought together. We were able to win this project, thanks to our capacity to mobilize this “collective intelligence” and the customer is delighted that Talan can accompany them on a project on an international scale.

Therefore, we want to create a supply of international services dedicated to our customers, regardless of their locations. This will enable us to encourage exchanges between the offices in the group and to internationalize our offers (Business consulting, IA Expertise/Solutions, Bigdata, BI, CRM, ERP, Blockchain…)

Finally, we aim to develop our partnerships with global companies such as Fenergo, IBM and Salesforce, as well as to expand our “Better Together” network in order to offer our customers to best support possible. Through these partnerships, we will continue to invest in the certification of our consultants, which is a proof of our expertise.

What will be the mobility opportunities ?

The development of the international group will enable us to give global professional possibilities and the creation of the international management. Furthermore, this will facilitate the implementation of internal mobility in the coming months, by cooperating with the managers and the human resources department.

What will be the priorities in 2018?

The establishment of the international management in London, the growth of our current offices, and the launch of two offices: in Madrid and Singapore, the implementation of the internal mobility process.

With which team?

With a fantastic international team composed of Thibaut DUCRAY (SUISSE), Cécile MONICO (UK and SPAIN), Fayna LIONET (USA), Christophe CASTELLANI (CANADA) and Erwan TICHKIEWITCH (Luxembourg).

You will have the opportunity to know more through the special “International” column in the monthly newsletters.

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