The partners

Talan was founded in 2002 by three partners : Eric Benamou, Mehdi Houas and Philippe Cassoulat. This trio was joined in 2011 by Jean-Luc Biache, the founder of Asset. In 2012, when Talan merged with Cereza, Dominique Masutti, Cereza’s founder, also joined the partnership.

Mehdi Houas

After starting with Alcatel and IBM, he created the company Telease Consultants (1989), wich later became Valoris Group (1993). He also started the investment fund Chrysalead (2000). He has been Chairman of Talan Group since its inception in 2002.

Eric Benamou

After beginning at IBM, he created the company Telease Consultants (1989), wich later became Valoris Group (1993). While at Valoris, he also started e-business branches and a training center. He has been CEO and HR Director of the Talan Group since its inception in 2002.

Philippe Cassoulat

After starting at Matra, he joined the company Telease Consultants (1989) wich became Valoris Group (1993). Since Talan’s foundation in 2002, he has been CEO of Talan Group. He is also in charge of the Utilities and Public Sector Business Unit, and of the company’s Marketing.

Jean-Luc Biache

He began with Société Générale in France (1994) and later joined Société Générale in Hong-Kong (1997). He then became CEO and co-founder of Asset Technology (2000). He has been the Director of the Finance Business Unit at Talan since 2011.

Fayna Lionet

Fayna started her career at BNP Paribas, Pechiney and OTC Conseil, managing projects in Paris, London, Hong Kong and Moscow. After four years as CEO of OTC Conseil Americas in New York, she joined Talan in 2012 as the CEO of the Americas, leading the US and Canadian subsidiaries of the group.

Marjane Mabrouk

Marjane started her career in research at NISI (US) after completing her studies at Telecome Nancy (2003). She joined Talan in 2004 and then became IT production team manager at Societe Generale CIB in 2006. She returned to Talan in 2010 developing Talan’s Financial Market business in London, Paris, and Luxembourg and is now Managing Director for our British subsidiary.