Finance – Insurance

Our projects are carried out in a across the world, in most financial markets.

Paris, London and New York

These three major locations represent the majority of our teams and clients in the financial sector. Talan’s managers are involved in all our performances by leading the company’s consultants.

Singapore, Luxembourg, Geneva and Montreal

Talan subsidiaries are also deployed in 4 other financial centres: Singapour, Luxembourg, Geneva and Montreal, providing global support for our clients.

Nearshore in Tunisia

Talan Tunisia, the nearshore subsidiary of the Talan group, integrates projects carried out with our financial clients that require strong IT expertise at the lowest cost.


Some examples of global projects

  • Setting up service centres for Front-Office business support located in Paris, London and Singapour for an Asset Management firm
  • Advising a Hedge Fund based in Switzerland on the setting up of an office in the Middle East
  • Advising on and project managing the adaptation of Information Systems for the evolution of US financial market regulations within a CIB in New York
  • Development of an application for the “financing” business lines of one of our clients with a technical team located in Tunisia and a project management team located in Paris

Our projects

Our projects are deployed throughout the entire business value chain / Our clients’ information systems

Advice and operational assistance

  • Project management and direction
  • Studies and recommendations
  • Organisation and quality
  • Support for business services in CIB, risk and asset management.

Business and IS project management

  • Study of the existing system, Gap analysis, IS Mapping
  • Collection of user needs and functional specifications
  • Acceptance/approval/training of users
  • Functional integration
  • Coaching/project management and change management

Technical architecture and software engineering

  • Technical integration of software packages (front/middle/back, risks)
  • Design and development of internal solutions
  • Front office development: local development / IT quant (CIB/AM)/High frequency trading
  • Technical expertise (Java/J2EE; .Net technologies; technologies related to digital activities)
  • Project management, especially in Agile domains.

Business and application support

  • Business application support (front/middle/back, risks) on external business software packages and on our clients’ own environments
  • Continuous improvement
  • Production architecture
  • Release management
  • Testing factory

Supporting transformations

Our expertise is in supporting the agile transformations of our clients’ organisations, major players in the financial markets, on their business processes and associated information systems.

For all our business, we offer our clients support in the form of expert missions that meet specific business and IT needs, the establishment of dedicated service centres at our customers’ premises or in the form of commitments to results with clearly identified deliverables.

At the heart of our projects:

  • our clients’ business challenges: changes in financial regulation, optimisation of market operations processing, improved risk monitoring, streamlining of activities,
  • the impact of technological developments: choice and rationalisation of financial software, digitisation of business lines, “cloud” solutions, big data.

Who are our customers?

  • All French Corporate and Investment Banks (CIBs)
  • Many European and global CIBs
  • The main independent Asset Managers, linked to banks or institutions
  • Specialised activities of financial players
  • Financial institutions (banks, institutions, insurance companies) that are undertaking digital transformation

Examples of expert implementation

Streamlining application and business support for a trading room software package

Client : CIB – Capital market – Front Office

Mission : Audit of the existing customer team providing application and business support, making recommendations and then managing the project with a team of 12 Talan consultants

Operational performance management

Client : Asset Manager

Mission : providing expertise and support to improve the performance of the middle office in charge of operations. Selection of service providers for outsourced functions

Evolution of a CIB’s product/customer repository

Client : CIB, IT department in charge of repositories

Mission : All the project management assistant functions handled by a Talan team as part of the evolutions of repository adapting to regulatory constraints

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